Romni Onlus

Association Romni Onlus - Rome

Our association was born in 2010 in Rome. It unites women proud of their ethnicity and culture, but determined to promote their integration in the Italian society. Our ambition is to organize activities and projects that can help the process of women emancipation and of social inclusion in modern life. We want our communities to abandon the practices that limit the individual dignity and emancipation. Our objective is the schooling of girls and boys and training of adolescents and adults, women and men. We believe that social exclusion can be fought through education. The decision to form the association was born from the growing uneasiness developed within the Roma communities following the racist media campaign that has been persecuting us for years. Many of our members are young women who live in “camps”, have no work and a very low level of education. The association is strongly characterized as women’s association because our principal actions have as protagonists mostly women and girls from different Roma communities. We try to share knowledge and competences, to create and support opportunities for work and cultural activities. Beneficiaries and promoters of our actions are Roma families living in “camps”, involved directly in every phase of all our activities.

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MWYAR Mediators - Rome
  • Radmila Ahmetovic Radmila Ahmetovic
    Activist for schooling and integration of Roma youth and women in the camp Monachina.
  • Lidija Djuric Lidija Djuric
    Volunteers as mediator with Association Romni since 2010. For MWYAR in the camps Salviati 70, Salviati 72 and Gordiani.
  • Ion Dumitru Ion Dumitru
    Activist and university student of social work, Vicepresident of Association Ariel in Aprilia.
  • Hanifa Govorusic Hanifa Govorusic
    Experienced mediator and legalization facilitator for Bosnian Roma. For MWYAR in the camp Castel Romano.
  • Malena Halilovic Malena Halilovic
    Roma youth activist. For MWYAR in the camp Arco di Travertino.
  • Arabela Staicu Arabela Staicu
    Intercultural mediator with Romanian Roma.
  • Pamela Suffer Pamela Suffer
    Sinti mother and activist. For MWYAR in Acilia.

MWYAR Mediators - Turin
  • Valter Halilovic Valter Halilovic
    Intercultural mediator – 600 hours specialised course certificate.
  • Igor Stojanovic Igor Stojanovic
    Youth commission of the association Romano’ Pala Tetehara (Rom for the futuro).
  • Vojislav Stojanovic Vojislav Stojanovic
    Roma leader and activist. Coordinator for Romni MWYAR work in Torino province area.