The main final outcome of the project – our Red Notebook which aims to share and further promote our Practical and Policy Recommendations to Prevent and Counter Early Marriage in Roma Commmunities in Europe, has been translated by partners and published in all project languages. We are particularly proud we have made it available also in Romani language so its content can be shared and discussed in further community work in all European countries.
The complete Red Notebook is available to all for download in the following languages:

Share it, use it, contact the partners, let us know what you think and suggest how to go forward on this issue together after the project. We invite whoever shares our ideas – associations, institutions, activists, community leaders, researchers – to join the network of supporters of the Red Notebook principles:

  • Early marriage is a SOCIAL DIMENSION
    1. Put the person at the center
  • Early marriage is a PUBLIC POLICY TOPIC
    1. Long-term perspective
    2. Local implementation and co-governance
    3. Mainstreaming into ordinary policymaking
  • Early marriage is a COMMUNITY ISSUE
    1. Roma women as community workers
    2. Community spaces: an unrecognized need
    3. School, school, school: education is the key
  • Early marriage is a COMMON CAUSE
    1. Combat racism and stereotypes
    2. The responsibility of the civil society