Wrote  by Zdravka Emilova from Kyustendil
student  “Law”, III year
Southwestern University “Neophyte Rilski” Blagoevgad

Merry_whenToday in 21st century seems to me no place to talk about early marriages, but alas it is not so and I make mistake .More in our Roma community there early marriages / marriages to be concluded between minors or underage Roma children. For two years, I try to meet more girls from a Roma community because girls marry earlier than boys. I think Roma tradition, the bride be a virgin plays an important role in these early marriages. I think this is not right like “take the doll out of the hands of a child and give him a man” must be stopped. I like Roma young woman I disagree with this “crime” which is done with Roma women detsa. A who is guilty of this? Who can stop it? And I can not answer these questions. I assume we educated Roma who are enrolled in universities, we can be role models in their communities and to fight for the reduction of early marriage, and to show our children and youth that education must be a priority for them, for us Roma, who are students.
Why a priority? Because when a person learns, he remembers with different people, faced with different situations, it becomes more mature and can be independent young man. When you are educated you will have a job, you will be able to create a family because to have a family you have to be well financially, do not tell your insanely rich, in which there is nothing wrong of course, but to have income to support their families and to independent young man who works and wins.
I can not understand why education is so unwilling to Roma community. Probably because when you’re 20 years old you are already old / old to marry /. This tradition “crease” Roma girls. Spored her at home to cook, to clean, bear and watch their children until early age. I  see the girls 12 and 13 years old to become brides, why should things be, and they still do not know what responsibility will a / wear in the future. Yes, I agree the  family in the Roma community is the most important, but to have a family, we must be educated.

Let’s try to show our children and youth that early marriage / marriage will hurt them, and education will help their future plans and the fulfillment of many dreams.

So, let say no to early marriage, marriage to education.