On Monday April 10 MEP Maria Noichl and MEP Soraya Post co-host in the European Parliament a debate between Roma women activists and community workers engaged in the Marry When You Are Ready project under the title Community work and policy making: same objectives, different tools. Who needs what to make the change possible?

Priorities for community work as the essential operational strategy the project proposes for the post-2020 strategy for the integration of Roma will be presented by MWYAR Country Coordinators Miglena Mihaylova (Bulgaria), Oana Ionita (Romania), Dragana Đurđević (Croatia), Sonja Barbul (Austria), Saška Jovanović (Italy).

Roma women activists engaged with the project Indira Bajramović (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Gordana Herold (Germany), Ema Zita Moldovan (Romania) and Sara Cetty (Italy) will contribute testimonies and Lavinia Banu, European Commission DG Justice Policy Officer, will present the institutional policy framework in order to stimulate the interest of the European Parliament Members.

This is the first occasion in which the project partners will present the “Red Notebook” Marry When You Are Ready project Practical and Policy Recommendations to Prevent and Counter Early Marriage in Roma Communities in Europe – in the highest level political home of the European peoples.