Cocetta Sarachella e Sara Ferri

Concetta Sarachella and Sara Ferri

On April 8, International Day for Roma and Sinti people, Isernia (Molise Region, Italy) was home to the I Festival of Molisian Roma and Sinti culture. The Festival was organized by Concetta Sarachella, who leads on the Marry When You Are Ready project work for the regions of Abruzzo and Molise, where the Sinti community is traditionally and strongly radicated. A debate on the theme of child brides and early marriage was one of the central content parts of the rich cultural program. How this issue relates to the Molisian Sinti tradition and the prospects for development of the community? Concetta affirmed in public: “This phenomenon persists in some groups of Roma and Sinti community. We must fight against it. Combined and early marriage hinders a full and serene development of the personality of young girls.” Sara Ferri, Sinti mediator and long-time activist for rights of the people, presided the debate together with Concetta.