The film presents real life stories. Roma women and men talk about their difficult childhood, early and forced marriage and the reasons for it and reflect on their married life. Protagonists recount how it came to marriage, what they went through with their spouses. Through the life stories of protagonists the relationships among spouses and with parents come to life. Our message to the youth is to think well on what they are doing with their lives. Most important of all, we urge the youth to go to school. After they have completed the schooling, youth are more mature and therefore more capable to engage in marriage and to become parents. The local police partnered for the realisation of the film by providing professional shooting and supports the dissemination of the „Marry When You Are Ready“ message.

The documentary film „Marry When You Are Ready“ was produced within the framework of the EU co-funded project with the same name.

Length: 25 minutes

Production: Nadica Balog, Association of Roma Women „Roma Heart“

Director: Ivan Kristijan Majić