The most popular technique used today in the world and accepted from the UN as the „official agent for social changes“- is forum theater. Forum theater is a gathering of plays, exercises where the participants  get to relax themeselves first, get to know each other, get in contact with their own body, voice, learn how to work in a team, how to work individually and later the participants themselves or in a group define the problems they have themselves or the communities they come from. This can be problems of persons close to them, or from a minority  or from their own problems they have. Forum Theater participants continue working on developing the personalities  and work on the scenes. Forum scenes are short scenes with specific displays of oppression, discrimination. Foruming, the best part of the Forum Theater where you show the scenes and actively involves the audience. Forum Theater is somekind of a reality rehersal, a place to test the different solutions, where individuals are encouraged to deal with their own problems as well as with the problems of the community. The goal is not to display ideal solutions in the scenes, but to provide the goal with many opportunities  and to get the sensations of how one feels in different roles so one can understand someone who is oppressed, who has been discriminated on  any grounds or to put oneself in the role of the oppressor so one can understand and deal more easily towards the change in his or her begaviour in the reality. It is very good that the forum theater has been recognized as the tool for social change and that it has become so popular in the world. Today many groups are working with this type of theater and work with many different communities. We can say that forum theater is a form of a modern social movement that makes people move and proactively behave in their own life.