This project has been strongly requested by the Roma women activists of partners’ organisations. We are acutely aware that early marriage of Roma girls is deeply rooted in the patriarchal culture. This breach of the rights of children and violation of self-determination generates long term impacts. To change it, it is necessary to induce a cultural change in Roma communities themselves. The difficulty of this work matches only its importance.

All community work is done by Roma women and men mediators. It is based on an empathic approach, based on the intimate knowledge and respect of communities’ mores and traditions. It means planting the seed of change from the inside. It is based on dialogue. Consequences and risks for girls that arise from an early marriage will be discussed; health problems, drop out from school, failed job placement, physical violence and psychological submission. Our aim is to induce realising long term negative impacts that early marriage produces, consolidating poverty and segregation.
On the dedicated pages of project countries, you can find information about project’s community work in

On this page, we will share highlights from our community work that has started in April 2016.

CARE International Regional project workshop " For Active Inclusion and Rights of Roma WOmen in the Western Balkans II"

Austrian Country coordinator was invited to this event on previous good cooperation with CARE International Sarajevo and the support they are offering to the Serbian Roma Women Network and based on the fact that Papusza, the pertner organization from Austria is a member of the EU Roma Women network Phenjalipe. Jadranka Milicevic, Coordinator of the […]Read More »

Red Notebook published in 7 languages

Red Notebook in English languageThe main final outcome of the project – our Red Notebook which aims to share and further promote our Practical and Policy Recommendations to Prevent and Counter Early Marriage in Roma Commmunities in Europe, has been translated by partners and published in all project languages. We are particularly proud we have made it available also […]Read More »

Movie "Merry when you are ready" about community work in Bulgaria

Community work in Bulgaria have done successfully in April 2017. During one year in 4 Roma communities , Blagoevgrad was implement project activities included  youth clubs activities. The community works aim was to  raising of awareness and information about the consequences of the early marriage and relationship with local institutions to support young people in […]Read More »

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