Building on the experience of partners and on the specific expertise on early marriage in Roma communities of the associate partners, the project develops a wide array of activities that will be experimented by Roma mediators in different community settings: campaigning, support for schooling, information on women’s health issues, promotion of the culture of legality, dialogue in the community, strengthening of alternative role models, social theatre. Sharing of experiences and the evaluation of the process and of the results obtained will produce our final output – a common advocacy tool “Red Notebook Against Early and Combined Marriage in Roma Communities”.

On this page, we will share policy documents and information on advocacy actions that contribute to expose and combat early marriage in Roma communities.

CARE International Regional project workshop " For Active Inclusion and Rights of Roma WOmen in the Western Balkans II"

Austrian Country coordinator was invited to this event on previous good cooperation with CARE International Sarajevo and the support they are offering to the Serbian Roma Women Network and based on the fact that Papusza, the pertner organization from Austria is a member of the EU Roma Women network Phenjalipe. Jadranka Milicevic, Coordinator of the […]Read More »

Red Notebook published in 7 languages

Red Notebook in English languageThe main final outcome of the project – our Red Notebook which aims to share and further promote our Practical and Policy Recommendations to Prevent and Counter Early Marriage in Roma Commmunities in Europe, has been translated by partners and published in all project languages. We are particularly proud we have made it available also […]Read More »

Red Notebook to use and share

Red Notebook – is the major advocacy tool of the Marry When You Are Ready project. Our “Practical and Policy Recommendations to Prevent and Counter Early Marriage in Roma Communities in Europe” was first presented to the European Parliament and is now available to all use and share: More »

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