Austrian Country coordinator was invited to this event on previous good cooperation with CARE International Sarajevo and the support they are offering to the Serbian Roma Women Network and based on the fact that Papusza, the pertner organization from Austria is a member of the EU Roma Women network Phenjalipe. Jadranka Milicevic, Coordinator of the CARE project invited Sonja Barbul to present the project Marry when you are ready and also the membership in the Phenjalipe network and to present the next Conference in Bucharest scheduled for early September 2017. In Bijeljina were present Roma women associations from Bosnia, Better Future from Tuzla, Romany Chej from Priboj, Ateharin from Bijeljina, Center for Roma Initiatives from Niksic, Bibija from Serbia and the Roma women association Lazarevac. Sonja presented the project Marry when you are ready, the results, presented the RedNoteBook and the canvas bags, the fluers of the Papusza organization. Also, while talking about the networking with EU associations within the Phenjalipe network we agreed that the Phenjalipe network is too much of a exclusive network for the organizations from Western Balkan’s. The idea is to try and form a network only for Western Balkans of Roma Women associations, the plan is to organize it sometime in late September and also to have materials to present the EU Parliament meeting in late November already scheduled.