2016-02-29At a meeting of the Regional Council for Cooperation on Ethnic and Integration Issues in Blagoevgrad national coordinator of the project “Marry when you’re ready” – Miglena Mihailova announced  its start and present the goals and objectives. It was part of the agenda of the meeting wanted from association LIDER. . The association is only one member of the Council, represent civil society sins 2012 with strong cooperation with institutions and municipalities.
The meeting was held at the conference hall of the Regional Administration Blagoevgrad. It was attended by the Governor of Blagoevgrad – Biser Mihaylov, secretary of the Regional Administration – Diana Atanasova, secretary of the Regional Council on ethnic and integration issues – Miglena Bacheva, representatives of the Regional Health Inspectorate, Regional Inspectorate of Environment and Water, Regional Employment Service , District Police Directorate – Blagoevgrad, the Commission for protection against discrimination, Regional education Inspectorate, National statistical office, Labor office Blagoevgrad, deputy mayors of municipalities and others institutions.
The project received support from all participants in the meeting and request for a successful cooperation. Governor called for solidarity and activism on the participants to solve the problems of Roma at social and economic level.( 29/02/2016)