Why www.ternibori.org? Terni bori means young bride in romanì language. Marry When You Are Ready is a European project that works on the theme of early marriage of Roma girls. Underage marriage is a form of violence that translates in: no school, no job, health risks, poverty. It is important that institutions and civil society recognize that this is a transversal priority in National Strategies for Roma Integration.

Partners are Roma women community organizations that strive to induce a cultural change in Roma families, working for equal opportunities and women empowerment, through community work, promotion of education  and social theatre.

Red Notebook published in 7 languages

The main final outcome of the project – our Red Notebook which aims to share and further promote our Practical and Policy Recommendations to Prevent and Counter Early Marriage in Roma Commmunities in Europe, has been translated by partners and published in all project languages. We are particularly proud we have made it available also in Romani language so its content can be shared and discussed in further community work in all European countries.
The complete Red Notebook is available to all for download in the following languages:

Share it, use it, contact the partners, let us know what you think and suggest how to go forward on this issue together after the project. We invite whoever shares our ideas – associations, institutions, activists, community leaders, researchers – to join the network of supporters of the Red Notebook principles:

  • Early marriage is a SOCIAL DIMENSION
    1. Put the person at the center
  • Early marriage is a PUBLIC POLICY TOPIC
    1. Long-term perspective
    2. Local implementation and co-governance
    3. Mainstreaming into ordinary policymaking
  • Early marriage is a COMMUNITY ISSUE
    1. Roma women as community workers
    2. Community spaces: an unrecognized need
    3. School, school, school: education is the key
  • Early marriage is a COMMON CAUSE
    1. Combat racism and stereotypes
    2. The responsibility of the civil society

National conference present results of early marriages in Bulgaria

The  National conference was organised in Bulgaria and present the results of early marriages in South-West region  of Bulgaria. This was final events on project and community  work which take place in Blagoevgrad, May 2017 .On the conference  was presented the achieved results and challenges faced by the LIDER’s team during its implementation  . Early marriages are topic that  association LIDER put once again on public debate in front of  audiences at conference. A movie “Merry when you are ready” which showed real life and problems in Roma communities and specially  problem of woman ans girls was presented also on the conference. In the last panel of the conference, the national coordinator Miglena Mihaylova presented the experience of the international partners  and recommendations for policies change focused on Roma girls and young people. These recommendations and experiences are  described in the “Red Book “publication . The book is distributed in Bulgaria, Romania, Italy, Croatia and ect. The book is available on Bulgarian language.

Red Notebook to use and share

Red Notebook – is the major advocacy tool of the Marry When You Are Ready project. Our “Practical and Policy Recommendations to Prevent and Counter Early Marriage in Roma Communities in Europe” was first presented to the European Parliament and is now available to all use and share:


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