FFRR – Forumul Femeilor Rome din Romania

Forum of Roma Women from Romania

Forum of Roma Women from Romania, is a non-governmental organization founded in 2011 in order to represent the interests of Roma women - Romanian citizens of Roma origin. Our aim is preservation, expression and development of the Roma minority, in accordance with the principles of equality and non-discrimination in relation to other citizens, enshrined in the Constitution. We work to ensure equal, free and universal access to quality education at all levels in the public education system to all Romanian citizens of Roma origin, especially to women.
Our association initiates and supports actions to promote inclusive education within the education system. We work on prevention and elimination of segregation. We fight against discrimination on grounds of ethnicity, social status, disability or any other criteria that affect women, children and young people from disadvantaged groups, focusing on Romanian citizens of Roma origin. We encourage a spirit of tolerance and intercultural dialogue and promote mutual respect, understanding and cooperation between Romanian citizens of Roma origin women and other individuals. Our main field of interest are education, culture and media.